Guangzhou Skyline

광저우 차지

We are the Guangzhou Charge. Our name reflects the optimism and dynamism of our region, our colors represent the sky and sea surrounding our hills, and our roster mirrors the international spirit of our city. Be bold, lead from the front and join our journey – Feel the Charge!
Kyb - Finley Adisi
Kyb Finley Adisi
Onlywish - Lizhen Chen
Onlywish Lizhen Chen
Chara - Jeong Yeon Kim
Chara Jeong Yeon Kim
shu - Jin Seo Kim
shu Jin Seo Kim
Happy - Jeong Woo Lee
Happy Jeong Woo Lee
Rise - Won Jae Lee
Rise Won Jae Lee
Rio - Seungpyo Oh
Rio Seungpyo Oh
Eileen - Yiliang Ou
Eileen Yiliang Ou
nero - Charlie Zwarg
nero Charlie Zwarg